I am somewhat unsatisfied with my WordPress layout’s blogroll potential; while I far prefer to keep material away from the sides and down at the bottom, that is not really where a blogroll belongs. Therefore I will make a dedicated page. I will try to update this as my reading habits change; otherwise, they are ordered alphabetically by title.

Digressions & Impressions by Eric Schliesser
drossbucket by Lucy Keer
Love of All Wisdom by Amod Lele
Otium by srconstantin
Speculum Criticum Traditionis by Skholiast
Thing of Things by ozymandias

I know there are blogs I used to read regularly that don’t any more because they stopped updating or because I got annoyed with them or because I changed my blog-reading habits several times and they did not manage every transition. Perhaps some day I will think to find them again, at which point they may appear again on this list. Until then, this is my relatively modest blogroll.