When Criticism Would Help But Critics Might Hurt

The intention of this post is twofold: first, to explain why a person should in some cases hold off from making valid critiques of social justice movements; second, to explain why I in particular tend not to make such critiques. I want to emphasize that I am very much in favour of social justice movements and hope to support them whenever possible. However, I am also very much in favour of improving things I value by criticizing them, so it should logically follow that I am in favour of criticizing social justice movements. This post should explain why this is not so.


Source: Melissa Wall at flic.kr/p/6Y9fxk

On Criticism

I believe, very strongly, in criticism; criticism is necessary for a thing to improve, and there are very few things and people who could not use improvement. Above all I believe in self-criticism, the capacity to be one’s own best critic. Often I am the person best suited to finding the weaknesses in my arguments, the faults in my character, the strain in my writing. But just as often I am not the person best suited to find those weaknesses, faults, and strains. If I am ignorant of my own error, I will require another person to point it out to me.

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