Am I Back?

I want to apologize for my unannounced absence. There were a few causes: maintenance issues in my apartment, overtime at work, a slight emotional miasma, and most importantly the slow death of my laptop made it difficult for me to write anything. I’m working on my tablet with external keyboard now, which I don’t find conducive to blogging. However, I will try to get back into the swing of it again.

A bit of personal news: I am now an uncle; the family name will live on; I will have to research how to corrupt the youth. Also, I have a second rabbit, named Eglamore (so I can call him Egg for short, though mostly I call him Mr. Bun or Mr. Fluff). He is a lionhead rabbit, though his mane doesn’t overwhelm his face as it does with some lionheads.


Rescheduling the Apocalypse and Other Housekeeping Matters

I am re-evaluating my habits in quite a few ways right now; two instances of this impact my blog.

First, I have cut back on the amount of Fallout 4 I was playing as part of a broader attempt to better regulate my schedule. Since what I have played has consistently revealed more things to write about, I want to follow the storylines even further before I attempt the next entry in the post-apocalypse series. Because I will not be playing nearly as much anymore, however, I cannot say when I will feel ready to write it. I could restructure the series, tackling other media next, but I had had a specific trajectory in mind which relied very much on Fallout 4’s themes of re-creating the settlement* of the United States. It might take a while for me to think of a new way into the topic.

In the meantime, I will try harder to write for this space; perhaps I will feel freer to do so now that I have excused myself from addressing impending post-apocalypses.

Second, I do not like my commenting policy made at the beginning of the year. Over the course of January and half of February, I have felt that limiting myself to three comments (excepting, as always, in my own comment spaces) makes me an inhospitable interlocutor. By accident I have limited myself to writing screeds or telling jokes; I give myself little or no room to respond to people who want to engage with what I have contributed. When I wrote my final comment for January, for example, I had to apologize that I could not respond to any responses; I suggested other ways to get in touch with me if readers desired conversation and also said I could always return in February if they were willing to wait, but I still felt like I was posting a bill on a street post more than participating in a conversation.

I will spend the next month considering the specific details of my new plan, but I anticipate it will go something like this: I can make two unsolicited comments over the course of a month, and may reply to responses to that comment no more than three times. At most, this would be a total of eight comments, but only if other commenters reply to me often; if no one replies to my comments, I could write a maximum of two comments. It will be harder to convey this in the comments themselves, but I think it would be more conducive to conversation without allowing the downward spirals that prompted my decision. I will post my new rules here when they are finalized.

*I am using settlement rather than colonization pointedly here, because it is settlement and not colonization that Fallout 4 tries to re-create.

Lifting the Comment Ban and Imposing a Ration

At around the same time that I started Accidental Shelf-Browsing, I banned myself from commenting on any blogs or articles except my own.


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I did this for two reasons: first, I did not trust myself to represent myself in public to a standard high enough for my tastes (especially as I’m coming into the job market looking for a career); second, I could tell that worrying about discussions in comment spaces had a negative impact on my productivity and mental health. Of course, I have replied to comments here and in specific social media venues, but those were not part of the problem.

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My laptop’s adapter has been broken since Christmas and I did not get it replaced until today. Unfortunately, this means that I not only couldn’t post my Most Interesting Books of 2015, but I also could not finish writing it. I hope to have it, and other non-scheduled content, up soon.


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