Against Libertarianism: An Annotated, Opinionated Bibliography

Jon Wong has asked me to write a post about my understanding of libertarianism, and I agreed to do it.* In retrospect, this was maybe foolish: I can’t think of anything interesting to say which hasn’t already been said by others. So rather than write 3000 words that have already been written, I will introduce those already-written words which best represent my understanding of libertarianism.


Source: Tom Wardill at

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Seed Catalogues and Lists of Trees

This time the links are all about plants.

:: Dying trees send food to neighbouring trees, even those of another species. Of course this is thanks to mycorrhizal fungi; the article speculates a little about what evolutionary pressures might have produced this effect.

:: Maria Popova has released a book called Bark: An Intimate Look at the World’s Trees; brain pickings has some of the book’s photographs for you to peruse, and they are beautiful.

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List of Links: Practice Round

Since I read a lot of articles on the Internet—I think it’s fair to assume that “reading a lot of articles on the Internet” is now the default, unless otherwise stated—I thought it would be easy to generate content for this blog by making lists of links. So I’m still surprised how long it took before I had collected enough links to articles I actually wanted to share. I had been thinking of making themed and branded lists of links, like Fred Clark, but for the moment I’ll have to use subheadings until I figure this genre out.

Arts and Culture

:: In case you haven’t heard yet, Miley Cyrus recently wrote a song about the death of her pet blowfish, Pablow, and she performed it in a unicorn onesie with tears in her throat. I found this performance surprisingly moving.

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