About the Author

I’m Christian Hendriks, a collections technician for the historical society of a remote Canadian city and a graduate from the University of British Columbia’s Library and Information Sciences program. I also have an MA (English Literature, UBC) and a BA Honours (English Language and Literature with a Minor in Religious Studies, Queen’s University). I grew up in southern Ontario’s farmlands; I periodically and currently live in Alberta; I have also lived for a while in Vancouver, British Columbia and Toronto, Ontario. I am an amateur photographer and an aspiring author. (I say “aspiring”; I have a few minor publication credits.) I am Anglican-ish.

I formerly maintained a Tumblr on which I posted five wondrous things each week, and some collaborators post more; it is called the Weekly Wonder. I also have other blogs worth mentioning: for a course on social media for librarians I had to make a (very short-lived) blog, which I enjoyed and titled Learning to the Read the Internet; my former main blog, which this one is intended to replace, is The Thinking Grounds.

About Accidental Shelf-Browsing

This is not a library blog, though I will likely blog about libraries some of the time. I do not yet know what kind of blog this will or should be, but I am sure I will find out. Past experience suggests I will engage a lot of amateur philosophy; I will try for some book reviews, too. I will update this section as I discover what I am doing. [Update 23 July 2016: I still have no idea.] In the meantime, you might take a look at my two introductions, “What is Accidental Shelf Browsing?” and “A More Direct Introduction.”


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