On Fallibilism, Protestantism, and Woo: 25 Fundamentals

Lucy Keer at the blog drossbucket wrote a post called “20 Fundamentals,” inspired by John Nerst’s post “30 Fundamentals” at his own blog called Everything Studies. The idea of each is that the author would list some of the background assumptions, attitudes, or approaches on which their thinking was based. I read “20 Fundamentals” with […]

After the End P.1: Madness and Meaning on the Fury Road

Watching Mad Max: Fury Road (Miller 2015), which I very much enjoyed, I was struck by how existentialist the film was; indeed, it made me realize that all post-apocalyptic fiction has an existentialist seed. But then, there is also something post-apocalyptic about existentialism. God is dead, spake Friedrich Nietzsche in 1882. God remains dead. And […]

What World Do You Live In? Part 2

(Read Part 1 first.) Having read his book, I had expectations about which theological world(s) W. Paul Jones’s Theological Worlds Inventory would place me in. World 3—that of T. S. Eliot’s “hollow men,” of people who feel like they might be wearing a mask over a personal emptiness—had most appealed to me in the book. Immediately on […]

Dramatis Personæ

Perhaps, to steal from a friend I couldn’t both pseudonymize and cite, it might be more accurate to call this page pedigree, provenance, heraldry, rather than a dramatis personæ. Whatever it is, it’s a list of the people I mention in this blog; it’s like a Works Cited page mixed with an index, but with […]