Monthly Marvel: Soft Rime

On the first Saturday of each month for at least the next little while I intend to share here one of the Weekly Wonders from that previous project. Today I’d like to share soft rime, a much gentler winter phenomenon than I expect to soon experience.

Soft Rime

This week’s meteorological phenomenon is soft rime.


Source: Kabacchi at This user has a lot of photographs of soft rime.

It forms when water droplets in a mist or fine
fog freeze on the surfaces of tree branches, wires, or other
things outside in the cold. If there is a wind, then the ice covers
the windward side of these objects. It looks much like hoar
frost, but while hoar frost freezes to ice straight from vapour,
soft rime becomes water—that is, mist or fog—first. Soft
rime seems like fragile needles or scales you could brush off
quite easily, unlike the resilient hard rime. It also should not be
confused with soft rhyme, an uncommon phrase that means
an imperfect rhyme, like rime
and fine,
or other
and covers,
and such.

Posted by Christian H.

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